Best Christmas Gift Ever!

I figure I would add some levity to the blog by talking about music. I first will warn you that I have a very eclectic taste in music. It is one of the many reasons for my my blogs title. My blogging about music may contain (but will not be limited to) country, classical, period, folk, rockabilly, bluegrass, blues, rock, renaissance, classic rock, prog rock, goth, trip hop, jazz, and alternative. I always jokingly say that I do not like opera because I can not understand the lyrics. Plus, my mother had a thing for Luciano Pavarotti. My childhood was filled with my mom singing along with him.

Last night my wonderful wife Shawna took me to see Great Big Sea. The tickets were a Christmas gift. We went to see them on their Twentieth Anniversary Tour at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. The venue was absolutely amazing it reminded me of the Fox Theater in Detroit. I would highly recommend both venues to anyone in the metro Detroit area.

The Great Big Sea are an absolutely wonderful modern folk/Celtic rock band. They are from St. Johns New Foundland. I was introduced to them by my wife. So I cannot claim finding out about them. Their albums usually are a good balance between sea shanties, Celtic and modern folk rock. There are other more popular bands of a similar milieu The Proclaimers, Spirit of the West, and Flogging Molly. I often tell people that they were Flogging Molly before there was a Flogging Molly. Both Flogging Molly and Great Big Sea shows have amazing amounts of audience participation and energy.

If you never heard of Great Big Sea I would recommend giving them a try. You will be surprised. Their concerts are up there w/ Men At Work and Violent Femmes as the best concerts I have attended.

Here is a couple links of their songs..

This one is the one that made me make up mind to propose to my wife..

Captain Wedderburn

Here is a more traditional shanties song.. Sean McCann’s voice is amazing.

Safe Upon a Shore

Hanging Johnny (with Gaelic Storm)

Something more folky rocky…

The Old Black Rum


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