Beta thoughts again.

Well as I get ready for a sleep study for my sleep apnea. However, I am trying to do this on my iPhone with the Poster app from the iTunes app store. I have used it in past to modify posts. I figure I would give it a whirl for a full up post. So please excuse any glaring grammar errors. I use MSword as grammar crutch. I have some time to return to Beta thoughts. David “Scooter” Bass from Carbine studios tweeted earlier today the following “@CRB_Scooter: ARGH EXCEL WHY WON’T YOU WORK?! I just want to invite people to beta! (Just kidding.) (Or am I?)”. Could this mean another wave of invites? Inquiring minds want to know!

Seriously though. . . Is being invited to a Beta to play of a game you are waiting for with bated breath a boon or a curse? On one hand you have the potential to work
with the development crew to mold, improve, and polish a game you have similar passion for. The other hand you are playing the game you are so expectant for. This could very well lessen then”new car smell” of the first few weeks after game release. What I have done in the past is try different classes that I would not normally play. I also try to play a different race as well. But who am I kidding I usually end playing the class and race I like.

Lastly, Poster is pretty neat. I can add photos and links as well. Well photos from the phone just have to figure out how it seems.

Well I guess I did that is my brother on Easter Day. Us Irish celebrate it a bit different I guess.


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