About Me


This blog is still very much a work in process. I am still trying to figure things out with WordPress.com and blogging in general.

A quick description of me:

Scadian, browncoat, technical writer, life long learner, hiker, reader, beer and scotch drinker, and an independent thinker.

What this blog is about:

The purpose of this blog was to give another creative outlet. My wife would argue I have too many outlets already due to having the attention span of a gnat. My vision of this blog is to talk about gaming and music mostly. Most of my gaming is of the computer variety. I am usually always playing a MMO of a form or another. I also have been playing pen and paper, and table top war games for a long long time. The reason for miscellany in the title goes back to my attention span. I may stray from time to time from the gaming or music topics. I may find something political (rare), have a rant (rarer), a movie or tv show (really likely), or most likely to paraphrase a good friend of mine “The wind rustled the my fly paper mind and something spouts out of my mouth”.

How I got the nickname Gardengnome:

I got the nickname in the SCA during Pennsic 29. As with nicknames given at Pennsic it usually has to do with drinking way to many adult beverages. There was already a Treegnome in the group thus I was called the Gardendnome by Urien. I don’t think anyone would of expected me to embrace it as I did. I am a member of the GGLF okay the last bit I jest.


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