Characters, Avatars, and Toons oh my..

Games I am currently playing…

Star Wars the Old Republic, and Borderlands 2.  I have dipped a toe in TERA and it just does not seem like my kind of MMO.  I was in Beta for Neverwinter and like TERA just does not seem like my kind of MMO.

MMORPGs I have played in the past:

  • The Realm
    •  PrinceArithon – I think he was a white mage it has been so long to remember.
  • Ultima Online – I cannot remember my characters but I was on the Great Lakes Shard.
  • Everquest – Tarew Marr Server
    • Ithildin – 34 Warrior of the guild Tal’Moor a dwarf and gnome only RP guild.  The first guild on all servers to have a guild war.  The reason I was on Tarew Marr was because of the Tal’Moor.
    • Trathe O’Briain – 56 Shaman Co guild leader of the Dark Forest Adventurers later to join Orion and The Syndicate.  Yes.. this Syndicate.. we used to raid PoF and PoH.  I have fond memories of Cazic Thule screaming “TRATHE” as my Turgur’s was resisted as I tried to debuff him.
  • Earth and Beyond – Forgot the server
    • Phelix – A Terran trader I oddly loved to do the trading routes.  TADA O!
    • Elvis – A progen warrior that looked like well Elvis.
  • Dark Ages of Camelot – It was so meh to me at the time that it was a short stay.
  • Star Wars Galaxy – Tarquinas then Starsider
    • Dysan Deckard – Bounty Hunter w/ smattering of CH for a RP pet pre CU.  Came back on a station pass post NGE when I was playing EQII on Starsider and played a commando as him.
  • Everquest II – Antonia Bayle
    • Tamlyn – 90 Shaman
    • Quip – 90 Conjuror
    • Trathe – 60’s Barbarian Coercer
    • Caultus – 60’s Shadow Knight
    • Ithildin Craggrunner – 80 Berserker

My first guild went to WoW.  I joined and was a member of Shadow Company a long times.  I often grouped with my wife and felt that the Blackhawks casual attitude were a better fit for my wife and I.  I liked my time RP w/ Shadow Company as Tamlyn.  Quip was the character I would group w/ my wife’s warlock.  Later on I normally RP’d as Quip and Trathe more so than Tamlyn.

  • World of Warcraft – I forgot the server that my first guild went to.  I tried it to stay with them.  However, it was like DAoC I just did’t like it.  So I went back to EQII.  I tried it again during Cataclysm expansion because there were so many rave reviews for that expansion.
  • Tabula Rasa – I forgot the server I was on it was the unofficial RP server however.  I was in the unit call Nightcrawlers.  I actually liked the game for the most part.  My last name was Poertena.
  • Vanguard Saga of Hero’s – I loved the vistas and world couldn’t stand to wait for a stable game.
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea – Bonny/Antigua
    • Hugo del Castillo – A member of the spanish RP guild Vanguardia de la Flota.  Of all the smaller MMOs this is the one I loved the most.  It was EVE lite but with pirates and tall ships.  The ship models were beautiful.  Plus, you could have player designed ships, ensigns and sails.
    • I forgot the name of my 50 Trader that I had as well.
  • Lord of the Rings Online – Landroval Server
    • Trathe – Loremaster
  • Warhammer Age of Reckoning – Again forgot the server.  I was with Shadow Company again.
  • Star Wars The Old Republic – Lord Adraas later Ebon Hawk
    • Arithon – 50 Sage – Yes I am a big fan of Janny Wurts novels.  I was in The Republic Order a rather nice RP guild I had many a good RP with them and free form stuff on Nar Shadaa.
    • I have recently returned and been playing w/ the F2P model.  It is the worst F2P model I have seen so far.
  • Guild Wars 2 – The Tarnished Coast
    • Mattrin – 50 Hunter – I was with the Firstwatch Irregulars.  I was sick for a while and on a hiatus and just lost interest in the game.  I love roaming and exploring in the game.  The combat was fun.  In fact the dodge mechanism made it hard to play other games later on that did not have one.

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