That something something..

Well I had the pleasure of playing in Neverwinter Online and recently on a whim took a gander at Defiance. I have read online many a naysayer about Defiance. But, after last week watching the pilot episode I figure it just may be interesting to look into the game.

Both Neverwinter and Defiance are really missing that something something at times when it comes to gameplay. Neverwinter I just cannot place what bothers me so much about the gameplay. Defiance, it is glaring obvious. I have played FPS games before and since this a 3rd person shooter it feels odd at times. When you think you have a bead on a MOB around a corner you don’t due to the physics of the third person and parallax. Plus, the inventory system is less than desired. This seems to be the common issue w/ console ports on PCs. However, in terms of being fun to play I would say Neverwinter and Defiance are about even.

So the burning questions is which would prefer to play now? Oddly, I would say Defiance. The reason? The story is much better. That is pretty sad when it comes to game that uses the IP of Dungeon and Dragons does not have as strong a story. So my weekend working on the home was broken up w/ some time in Defiance.