Well this blog is supposed to be about gaming, music, and miscellany..

I would of thought my first post would be about gaming and the MMOs I like to play.  That was the reason why I started this blog.  However, the bombing in Boston has my attention right now and I felt I had to put something down.  It has surprised me that something of this nature has not happened in the recent years.  However, we should not be dictated by our fears.  Similar actions of this nature have happened in the past.  It only seems in the most recent years that we have become consumed with fear.  The media in general feeds off of it since it brings ratings I can only assume.

As usual a cousin of mine on Facebook posted his thoughts on this.  As usual he has a much better way of putting it and summing it up than me.  I guess that law school is good for that.  So here it is..

Soapbox time:

I can remember sitting in a class over 30 years ago, and the professor said he saw a day in the future when people in the United States lived in fear – fear of people from across the globe, and fear from our very own neighbors. That we would feel compelled to lock up everything, arm ourselves, constantly feel compelled to watch our backs, not allow our children to play, not be able to shop, attend a sporting event, move about freely. I simply could imagine such a vision.

Unfortunately – that day is quickly descending on us.

As a child growing up in small town America, I used to wake up on summer day, and get lost – wandering from business, to farm to the library, to the ball fields, never checking in until the streetlights came on. My parents never worried. My interaction with friends and adults is what shaped me. One day I was helping the local vet treat an animal, the next day I was helping the priest give communion, and the next helping farmer put up his hay crop.

Fast forward to my first year practicing law in Lapeer, 1991. At the court house, there was no metal detectors, no locks, no cameras, no security but a single bailiff when there was a prisoner. My fellow lawyers remember that time. It wasn’t that long ago we would drink coffee with the Judge before a hearing, walking the back halls of the courthouse. That is now all gone. All public buildings are on 24/7 lockdown. You speak to a clerk through bulletproof glass.

We are watching OUR FREEDOM be blasted away with each passing event such as what happened in Boston today. You watch, next year’s marathon will be a locked down event – with police, metal detectors, guns & fear. Is this the country we are aspiring to be?

We need answers and leadership, and above all freedom from fear – not more barbed wire, cameras, restrictions and controls. Perhaps we need to respond to such events by saying so what! We won’t allow these atrocious acts to control who we are as a people – as a country. We are better than that. We are the US of A, dammit!

I long for the days of true freedom.

In the mean time, may God help us.